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Frequently asked questions

What is Nym?

Cofactor Nym is a place where everyone can define their online identity.

Technically speaking, Nym is an extension of the Google Knowledge Graph, but only for people, regardless of their notability.

Why would I want to build my own Nym profile?

By linking all your social profiles together to your Nym profile, you make it your one and only online ID.

This way, you can make it easier for others to follow and connect with you online.

Why would I want to use Nym?

Cofactor Nym helps you discover and connect with others. Check out these trending profiles: Jacinda Ardern, Taylor Swift, or Cristiano Ronaldo—and see how easy it is to navigate directly to their social profiles.

What is Nym+Ora?

The Nym+Ora integration means that you can attach an audio pronunciation of your name to your Nym profile.

Technically speaking, each Nym profile is an entity that by default also has a page created in the Ora dictionary. Pronunciations displayed on Nym cards are editable on the corresponding Ora page.

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